Good News! Jinhai Wins the Title of "Little Giant" -- Little Giant -- A Reward for Enterprises with characteristics of professionalization, Refinement, Specialization and Innovation on National-level

The Ministry of Industry and Information published the lists of the fourth batch of companies winning the title of "Little Giant" and the first batch of companies winning this title and also passing the review. 


After the procedures of expert review and public announcement, Tanghe Jinhai Biotechnology Co., LTD (hereafter referred to as Jin Hai) has formally acquired the title of "Little Giant".

The small and medium-sized companies evaluated as "Zhuan, Jing, Te, Xin" has advantages in four aspects: professionalization, Refinement, Specialization and Innovation.

The companies earning the title of "Little Giant" are the most outstanding ones among the companies evaluated as "Zhuan, Jing, Te, Xin" and there are two more indicators for them to be evaluated with, which are the matching degree of its industrial chain and the field of its main products. "Little Giant" are the leading companies that focus on market segmentation and their own principal works, demonstrate strong innovation ability, show growing momentum of development, have high market share, master the key and core technology, make products with top quality and generate sound social, economic and environmental benefits.

For Jinhai, being granted with the title of "Little Giant" by the Ministry of Industry and Information represents recognition and encouragement from the government. It proves that Jinhai is approved in its research and development strength, innovation ability, market size and spirits of adhering to the road of independent innovation and devoting ourselves to studying cutting-edge technology. Jinhai will take it as an opportunity to continue to provide innovative force and strong support for the national industry of comprehensive utilization of resources.