Long-term Commitment to Green Economy

  • 16 Years of Experience in Producing UCO and Biodiesel
  • Leading the Market by Patented Technologies
  • Council Member of National Biodiesel Industry Association
  • Subsidiary company:Nanyang Dabaimu Feed Technology Co., Ltd. ,and Tanghe County Jinhai renewable resources Co., LTD.
  • About
    Jinhai Biotech
    Tanghe Jinhai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jinhai Biotech), founded in 2007 and located in Gangliu Industrial Park, Tanghe County, Henan Province, is an enterprise engaging in the comprehensive utilization of resources and integrating the research and development, production, sales, and technical services of biodiesel and industrial grease refined from used animal and vegetable oils. The registered capital of the company was 30.6 million RMB. The total area is about 80,000 square meters while the construction area is 32,000 square meters.

    The company has built production lines with an annual output of 150,000 tons of UCO and 100,000 tons of biodiesel. And our products are all exported to EU countries.
    Company Strength
    Patented Technology
    Research and Development
    In recent years, by independent research and development, Jinhai Biotech has made major technological breakthroughs such as the combination of biological enzyme and subcritical technique to produce biodiesel, UCO ultra-purification, and integrated intelligent devices for packaging treatment, also biological conversion technology to deal with kitchen waste residues. We have obtained 4 national invention patents, 19 utility model patents, and 9 software copyrights. Jinhai Biotech has a strong technical advantage. With perfect production equipment and processing techniques as well as accurate testing instruments and efficient methods, the UCO and biodiesel we have produced all meet the European Union standards.
    Team Work and Collaboration
    Jinhai Biotech currently has 80 employees, including 4 senior engineers, 8 engineers, 2 doctors, and 4 masters. Through collaboration and joint efforts, Jinhai Biotech has set up "UCO Recycling Engineering Research Center in Henan Province" and "Enterprise Technology Center in Henan Province". In addition, Jinhai Biotech has acquired the Certification for the integrated management system of information and industrialization, ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, ISCC International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.
    Social Recognition and Support
    Awards and Honors
    Jinhai Biotech has won a series of titles and honors such as National High-tech Enterprise, National Little Giant Enterprise, Demonstration Enterprise of Green Technology in Henan Province, Demonstration Enterprise Of Technology Of Comprehensive Utilization of UCO in Henan Province, Demonstration Enterprise with Energy-saving and Emission Reduction Technology in Henan Province, Henan Enterprise Technology Center, Leading Company in Henan Province etc.