Vegetable Asphalt

Density(20°C) / (kg/m²):

CFPP / °C:

Flash point (closed) / °C:

Cetane Number:

Acid Value / (KOHmg/g): <15

90% recovery temperature / °C:

Product Description
The annual output of my country's foundry industry is relatively high, but this is only a quantitative advantage, and the technical content is still at a low-to-medium level, of which quality and environmental protection are the primary issues. At present, the binders used in casting in my country are mainly organic resins and inorganic binders. A large amount of toxic substances are produced during the use of the former, which seriously pollutes the environment. The castings produced by the latter have high cost and relatively large defects in product quality. Therefore, it is of great advantage to use vegetal bitumen of biological origin for foundry binders.
Product Advantages
Appearance: black viscous liquid or paste.
Index: acid value <15.
Uses: Production of foundry adhesives, rubber softeners, cement prefabricated release agents, black printing inks, asphalt coatings, surface activated carbon, leather additives and heavy fuels, etc.
Main Specifications