Used Cooking Oil

Density(20°C) / (kg/m²): 0.917

Color:Light Brown

Flash point (closed) / °C: 280

Component:90-93% Fatty Acid Triglyceride, 5-8% Fatty Acid

Product Description
Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is collected from Chinese restaurants and food factories, it is processed through heating, sediment and filtering. It is widely used as feedstock of biodiesel, HVO and SAF.
Product Advantages
ISCC certificate; INS certificate
Used in biodiesel, HVO, SAF, paint coatings, and chemical industries.
Main Specifications
FFA: 5-7% (m/m);
M&I: ≤ 2% (m/m);
Iodine value ≥ 80 (gI2/100g);
Sulphur: ≤50 (mg/kg);
Unsaponifiable matter ≤ 1% (m/m)