Industrial Grease

Density(20°C) / (kg/m²):

CFPP / °C: 45

Flash point (closed) / °C:

Cetane Number:

Acid Value / (KOHmg/g): 1.5

90% recovery temperature / °C:

Product Description
Industrial oils and fats: raw materials come from the by-products of the food industry, catering industry and oil processing plants. They are refined by oil refining equipment through filtration, impurity removal, drying, and decolorization. The ingredients are a mixture of animal oils and vegetable oils. Vegetable oil is mainly soybean oil; animal oil is mainly beef and sheep oil.
Product Advantages
"Industrial fat" is a semi-solid product obtained by winterizing and fractionating industrial oil. Its ingredients are mainly animal oil with high melting point, and its content is more than 80%. The fatty acids contained are mainly palmitic acid and stearic acid. , The freezing point is above 45°C. It is the raw material for the production of oleochemicals, soap base and stearic acid products.
Main Specifications