Crude Glycerin

Density(20°C) / (kg/m²):

Color:Dark Brown

Flash point (closed) / °C: 160

Cetane Number:

Acid Value / (KOHmg/g):

90% recovery temperature / °C:

Product Description
Crude glycerine is a brown, slightly sweet, viscous liquid. It is miscible with alcohol and water, but insoluble in chloroform, ether and oil.
Product Advantages
Crude glycerine can be used in the agricultural sector, particularly for feeding cattle and fattening pigs as crude glycerine is very high in energy and much less expensive than pure glycerine.
Crude glycerine is merely glycerine in a less pure form. After further chemical processing, glycerine can be used as a valuable raw material for the manufacture of numerous products in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food or cosmetics industries.
Main Specifications