Density(15°C) / (kg/m²): 860-900

CFPP / °C: ≤5

Flash point (closed) / °C: ≥130

Cetane Number: >49

Acid Value / (KOHmg/g): ≤0.5

90% recovery temperature / °C: ≤345

Product Description
With our company's self-developed production equipment and special processing techniques to produce biodiesel, continuous production can be realized. The key technologies, for example, the negative pressure vapor-phase esterification process, tank-type washing device, and methyl ester secondary distillation process, all get independent intellectual property rights. Compared with the traditional production processes, they have such characteristics as quick response, high rate of conversion, energy saving and consumption reduction. The product has high purity, low density and light color.
Product Advantages
1.Efficient combustion performance: Due to its high cetane number and complete combustion, its combustion performance is better than that of petroleum diesel. It can be directly used without modifying the diesel engine.
2.Excellent miscibility and pour point depressing performance: The CFPP of our company's biodiesel is 5°C. Since fatty acid methyl ester itself has a good pour point depressing effect, by official lab test it can be mixed with No. 0 and No. -10 diesel oil at a ratio of up to 40% without affecting the CFPP of the original diesel.
3. Excellent environmental protection performance: Due to the low sulfur and the absence of heavy metals in biodiesel, only a small amount of sulfur dioxide and sulfide is discharged and the heavy metal pollution doesn't happen.
4. Reliable safety performance: Because the flash point of biodiesel is higher than that of petroleum diesel, it is comparatively safe in transportation, storage and use.
5. Good low temperature engine starting performance and lubricating performance.
Biodiesel can be used as alternative fuel for diesel engines such as buses and trucks after being mixed with diesel in a certain proportion. Biodiesel can also be used as alternative fuel for non-road diesel engines such as marine transportation, water power equipment, geological and mining equipment, fuel power plants, etc.
Main Specifications
Fully complying with EU standards – EN14214